So now you think I have completely lost it. How can a tooth cause back pain?

Well, interestingly it is possible. The human body has a priority of systems so that in times of life and death emergencies, the body will do all it can to survive. Paul Chek, founder of the CHEK Institute calls this priority system The Survival Reflex Totem Pole.

The systems included on the Totem Pole in priority order are Breathing, Mastication (jaw mechanics), Vision, Vestibular (hearing & balance), the Upper Cervical Spine, Viscera (internal organs), Emotions & Stress, the Pelvic Girdle and the Slave Joints. Slave joints include the limbs and the rest of the spine beneath the first 2 vertebrae. They are called slave joints because they are a slave to all the higher priority reflexes.

Basically, the higher up on the Totem Pole, the more vital the system is to human survival. Therefore, the body will sacrifice the integrity of one system if it means keeping a more vital system at optimal levels.

For instance, if the jaw is out of alignment due to dental work, missing teeth or dominant chewing on one side, the teeth will eventually wear down. In terms of survival, no teeth means no chewing, means death!

Therefore, a lower priority system on the Totem Pole will compensate to keep the jaw level. This would normally be the Upper Cervical Spine.

Tune in next time to find out how that can cause lower back pain and to satisfy you that I haven’t gone completely nuts!