You might have read on my recent posts that I have recently carried out, firstly a 6-week parasite cleanse and a 7-day liver/gall bladder flush.

Well, now I am currently in the process of a heavy metal detox. Unfortunately, today it is virtually impossible to avoid large quantities of heavy metals in our environment, Even more unfortunate is that our systems of detoxification haven’t evolved to deal with the toxic bombardment our bodies receive every day.

Therefore, our bodies begin to store heavy metals in our cells, predominantly our fat cells. If heavy metals build up to much in the body, not only will they prevent you from losing body fat, but are also linked to a number of serious diseases.

Heavy metals are believed to disrupt metabolic function in two ways:

  1. They accumulate and disrupt function in vital organs and glands
  2. They displace nutritional minerals from where they should perform a biological function.

Importantly, as long as heavy metals are present in the body, balancing body chemistry and achieving good health and wellbeing is not possible.

The reason I am completing a heavy metal detox is that following a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, it showed my body was releasing very little, if any heavy metals. This suggests my body is holding on to them, not releasing them.

Sometimes when removing toxic metals from the body, you might go through a healing reaction, which might cause your symptoms to get worse or for old symptoms to return.

By analysing re-tests on the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), I’ll be able to see whether any symptoms I might have are being caused by removal of heavy metals. This is important, as the symptoms could be a sign that things are improving and the programme is working. Often times if you are on a programme and begin getting symptoms, you might think the programme is making you worse and stop. The HTMA will highlight whether the programme is working or requires alteration.

The HTMA analysis results can also indicate the status of several key functions of the body such as the thyroid, blood sugar regulation and adrenal activity, which can be investigated further.

Overall, if you have toxic heavy metals and nutritional mineral deficiencies or bio-unavailability, you will not be able to achieve optimal health and might not be able to shake off a particular condition or disease.

By doing the HTMA, it might just help you unlock the door to finding out the cause of your health challenge or could help you to perform better and feel even greater than you do now.

I have scheduled my next HTMA for 10 weeks time. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Stay tuned…