The weekend just gone marked a significant milestone in my career.

After four years of very hard work, we (The CHEK Institute & I), finally got The CHEK Tennis Conditioning Series Level 1 course delivered in our first ever class.

We had students from all over Southern USA, including Florida, Texas, Nevada, Oklohoma and Arizona. They all work with tennis players in their day to day work and they all did a great job on the course.


It had been a real big effort by The CHEK Institute to get this course delivered in time. They had to design the Tennis Biomechanics Manual, which basically meant making my manuscript look nice and easy to understand, plus adding many photos and images.

We also had to put the course manual together too. We just about got it all done in time.

I have to thank the editing team of Penny Crozier, Holli Clepper, plus the designer and artist Joling Lee.

The course went really well and I’ll blog again soon, giving you some insight to what is covered in the course. There really is no other course like it in the world that covers the conditioning of tennis players so thoroughly.

Until next time…