In this week’s episode of The Radical Health Rebel Podcast entitled, “The Anti-Factory Farm Shopping Guide”, I spoke with Eugene Trufkin who grew up in the old Soviet Union, off-grid, with his grand mother who grew her own food, and we discussed his research into different farming methods, what the positives and negatives are of each farming method, the nutritional differences of the produce, and most importantly what are the most and least healthiest options when buying food, plus we discussed the effects each farming modality has on the environment.

Eugene’s passion for farming techniques, the welfare of animals and maximising human health clearly shines through during this interview.

We discussed:

  • Eugene’s Journey
  • Green Washing
  • The difference between factory-farmed, organic, and biodynamic fruits and vegetables
  • The most and least healthy ways chickens are raised
  • The different categories of eggs
  • The most and least healthy options for beef
  • The different ways pork is raised
  • The harms with some forms of fish

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