A student of mine, Mikko Paunonen sent me a video of him and a colleague working out and I thought it was so cool, I wanted to share it.

Mikko shows what is possible with a functional body. You’ll soon see on the video that I taught him all his best moves (just kidding).

Mikko was one of a very small number of students who show up in my classes with a well functioning body. I nicknamed him ‘The Finish Stud’ on the course as he could do most (if not all the exercises) taught on the course with good form. This is very rare!!!

What Mikko does show is not just great balance and strength, but a creative mind that allows him to PLAY in the gym and enjoy himself like a kid in the school play-ground. This illustrates a good mind-body connection.

Mikko has a great sense of humour too. After all, he managed a week of my (bad) jokes on CHEK Exercise Coach.