Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has commented on my recent blogs!

The reason I felt obliged to write about Reality Weight Loss shows is because I am passionate that the general public have a right to receive the best information available when it comes to health.

Unfortunately, last night on The Fat Fighters, the information they gave out was very misleading. I am talking about when the narrator speaks over a scene and says, “The best way to lose cellulite is…”.

Just so you know, there is no leg exercise that will reduce cellulite and to be fair, they did state some of the causes for cellulite. However, they didn’t suggest how to overcome them.

I know how the media works and it might be that the makers of show either added that information in, or coerced the information from the professionals who would know better (I hope). I have often been asked stupid questions by journalists like, “what abdominal exercise can you do to flatten your tummy?”

That question is a bit like asking, “which bus can I catch to Saturn?” There isn’t a bus that goes to Saturn (yet) and there isn’t an exercise to flatten the tummy!

The media always try and put words in your mouth to make it a good story or a quick fix. Quick fixes are good for the media because it means no one gets results and then they can keep pedalling the next quick fix to their audience.

Last night, one example was to stop using butter for cooking and to use olive oil instead. Click here if you want to find out why that is NOT a good idea!!!

Until next time folks!