If you are like most people you would have had an easter egg or two over the weekend. Some of you would have received a number of easter eggs and eaten them all already. Then there are those of you who will be eating yours over the next week or two.

Now you may expect me to be telling you to not eat easter eggs. Well, I’m not going to. It is not my job to tell anybody to do anything, but it is my job to educate you to help you make wise decisions.

My philosophy is that if you eat well 90% of the time, you can afford to indulge every now and then and your health won’t be affected too much. Now we often hear in the media that there are healthy ingredients in chocolate. This is a little bit like saying fizzy drinks are healthy because they have water in them.

Almost certainly the worst ingredient in chocolate is sugar. Just one tea spoon of sugar has been shown to down regulate your immune system by 50% for 4 hours. So just one egg will affect your immune system for a few days. The sugar also drastically affects your blood sugar/insulin levels which have been shown to lead to a myriad of health problems.

Sugar will also adversely affect your appetite, mood and general energy levels. It is important for your long term health to know that sugar is also the food of choice for cancer cells and intestinal fungus and parasites.

Now with that in mind you have the choice to make an educated decision. Be aware, you can also become too strict with your food choices which can become a pathology in its own right too. The 90/10 rule or even an 80/20 rule is a healthy guide to follow both physiologically and psychologically.