Many people come to see me who are unwell or injured and are using very poor quality supplements that are likely to be contributing towards their health problems. Alternatively there are others who believe that supplementation is just a waste of money.

So what is the reality here?

Due to the way we store, process and preserve food these days it often severely reduces its nutritional value. Also, commercial farming techniques used to grow food faster, larger and on nutritionally depleted soils has destroyed the original, natural quality of our food. Some research into the differences between organic and inorganic foods has shown as much as a 2000% difference in some of the nutrients. Also research has shown that the nutrient content of even organic foods is dramatically less than it used to be.

Our food today simply does not contain sufficient nutrient content to meet the demands of our modern lifestyles and to keep us in a state of good health.

In addition, as we are all biochemically individual, we all require different specific nutrients. There can be up to 10 fold difference in the need for certain nutrients amongst individuals. To meet this wide variation in need through just food could be quite difficult.

If your health is not what it should be, the chances are that you have some deficiency in your capacity to digest and assimilate your food. So if you are eating less than the highest quality foods and you don’t digest them properly and you don’t assimilate all the nutrients, your body will signal to you to keep eating. If you are someone who over-eats, this may give you a clue as to why. It might not just be that you’re greedy.

The fast pace of life, increased stress levels at work, and the incredible amount of toxic burden in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat all dramatically increase the body’s requirements for nutrients, not calories, but nutrients, the biochemical constituents we need to adapt to and compensate for the challenges of modern life.

It is important to understand that there’s a big difference between just getting enough nutrition to keep you going and in getting optimal nutrition for your Metabolic Type on a daily basis. The sky-rocketing rise in degenerative diseases over the last 100 years is clear evidence that most people do not meet their optimal nutritional requirements.

So what’s the solution? In my next post, I will explain what is required to effectively supplement your diet for optimal health, vitality and performance.