Shirely SahrmannLast Friday I was fortunate enough to see one of the leading physiotherapists in the world deliver her one-day seminar, “Differentiation and Effective Management of Lumbar Spine and Hip Pain using the Movement System Syndromes Approach”.

Shirley’s style of lecturing like most great teachers I know is one where you laugh just as much as you listen. She has a habit of laughing at her own jokes (even when they’re not funny), yet her laugh is hilarious, so you end up laughing after most of her sentences.

Besides the jokes, Shirely showed a series of assessment protocols and exercises to overcome specific hip and lower back conditions or as she describes them ‘movement impairment syndromes’.

It was good to hear from a true living legend that many of the things I am doing are on the right track. I also have a few new concepts to take on board and look forward to using them in the near future.

It was also great to catch up with some old colleagues of mine, especially Brucey Butler, Amrit Theocharous and Jenny O’Meara.