Two weeks ago, I spent a very hot and sunny week at David Lloyds, Leeds teaching the second CHEK Exercise Coach of the year.

I had a great group of students, two from Yorkshire, one from London, one from Belgium, one from Denmark and one from France.

As always it was an information packed, hard-working, yet very fun-filled week. Whilst I like to push the students hard so they gain the most from the course, I also try to make it light-hearted and as fun as possible to make it the ideal atmosphere for learning.

Lunchtimes were the favourite time for the students not just because it gave them an opportunity to get away from me, but they were able to soak up the sun around the pool.

As you can see from the photo taken at the end of the course, the students got a little sun tan, survived the hard work and my sense of humour! I’d like to say well done to all the students who did a fantastic job throughout the week.