You may have seen on the TV recently a myriad of reality weight loss shows.

There are three shows that I have been watching, “Fat Fighters” on Channel 4, “The Biggest Loser UK” on ITV and “Obese: A Year to Save My Life” on Sky1 HD.

Each show is two to three weeks in as I wrote this. So what do I think of these shows? Are they good or bad?

I think these shows have both positive and negative aspects. Lets start with the positive:

  • The obese people on the shows are making a positive change by doing something about it.
  • They are seeking professional help.
  • Most of them are losing weight.
  • Most of them have increased confidence because they are able to do and achieve things they didn’t think they were capable of.
  • They are definitely eating better than they were.

Check out Part 2 to see what I feel are the negative aspects of these shows…