After 5 months of study and over 70 Emotion Code sessions delivered on people and animals, I am pleased to announce that I am now officially a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.

A couple of years ago, despite being very confident in my skills in corrective and high performance exercise, nutrition & lifestyle coaching, functional medicine, and hands-on therapies, I knew I wanted to add another tool to my toolbox.

My intuition dismissed many other modalities to learn, until I came across The Emotion Code.

The Emotion Code allows people to break free from emotional baggage, release trapped emotions and shatter Heart-Walls that could be holding them back from optimal health and happiness.

Already, during my training, I have seen some people greatly reduce or completely eliminate physical pain via the release of trapped emotions alone.

If you would like to experience The Emotion Code via Zoom Call and help to gently release trapped emotions from your body, you can do so at the introductory price, by clicking on this link.