In this week’s episode of The Radical Health Rebel Podcast, I had the great pleasure to speak with former Chiropractor and founder and author of The Emotion Code, Dr Bradley Nelson about the Emotion Code and how he invented this form of energy medicine.

I was particularly keen to share Dr Brad’s views on what trapped emotions are, what conditions they can cause, and how The Emotion Code works.

As you’ll soon hear, Dr Brad is a great speaker with great knowledge on the subject of energy medicine and a great passion for helping people overcome trapped emotions and the pain and illness they can cause.

We discussed:

  • Dr Brad’s background
  • Human Energy Field & Energy Medicine
  • Trapped emotions, how they affect the body and the health challenges can they create
  • Emotional Trauma is the root cause of most pain & illness
  • Inherited trapped emotions
  • Distance healing
  • The Emotion Code for animals

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