It was announced today, that the price of meat is to be increased due to the price of feed being increased.

The main reason why the price of feed is being increased is due to a bad wheat harvest, partly due to the floods this summer.

This is rather interesting considering that the natural diet of cows and sheep is grass. Grains have only been farmed for the last 10,000 years and only 3,000 years in Europe. Animals have been on this planet for millions of years without eating grains and their digestive systems just aren’t developed to deal with them. It is well known that grains fed to cattle causes disease in the animals.

This leads to the need for toxic medications and anti-biotics to keep the animal alive, which coincidentally also causes the animal to increase in size and body fat. A heavier animal means the farmer will make more money, so it is in their interests to do so.

The medications given to the animal are passed on to us when we eat them. In my view, this is why studies are showing that red meats are bad for you when in fact, naturally fed animals produce very healthy meats, including high quality proteins, fats and vitamins.

If you wish to stay healthy, ask your supplier how your animals are fed. Always look for free range, organic, grass fed animals as this is their natural feed and helps to keep them healthy.