If you are not quite feeling yourself or are not feeling as young and energetic as you used to, you may just have a hidden internal stressor such as an infection.

To discover whether you have an infection or not, you may wish to use a good laboratory. It is suggested that a stool sample is taken on four consecutive days. Any less, may miss identification.

If an infection is found, firstly, the host needs to strengthen all the bodily systems by:

  • Ensuring adequate hydration
  • eating a 100% organic diet
  • eating right for their metabolic type®
  • eliminating any sensitive foods from the diet
  • balancing steroid hormones
  • supporting the immune, digestive and detoxification systems
  • reduction of mental / emotional stressors
  • sleeping from 10pm for at least 8 hours every evening in a fully darkened room

Once the systems are strengthened, the infection can then be addressed. There are many approaches, including pharmacological (in consultation with your Doctor) and natural therapies.It is suggested that you seek guidance from a professional who has a good track record of helping people with such infections and helping people to feel amazing again.