Wow what a year it has been!

A very busy year that has been packed from start to finish.

The year started with some good wins in the Middlesex Tennis Tournaments and saw me reach the quarter finals for the first time.

I also ran 2 ‘Take Control’ Weight Management Programmes that were a great success and saw a number of people take control of their lifestyle and manage to lose weight and improve their health.

In March I completed Level 3 of the CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Certification in Copenhagen. In April I completed BodyTalk Modules 4 & 7 in beautiful Miami. I had previously visited Copenhagen which is a lovely little city, but I hadn’t visited Miami before. I totally fell in love with Miami and could see myself settle there one day.

In June I hosted the BodyTalk Orthopaedic Evaluation Module in my BodyCHEK Clinic at Holmes Place Barbican. Another great course presented by the very knowledgeable Kerry D’Ambrogio.

July and August saw me work overeas on a yacht and in a villa in Southern France. A great experience. It was great to watch the World Cup matches with the crew on the yacht who were a really great bunch of people. Just a shame that England didn’t play to their potential.

Working overseas did interrupt my summer tennis season, but my team mates did a great job and we managed to achieve promotion for the second year running.

I also began teaching a course to personal trainers entitled “Understanding The Core”. It has so far gone down a storm. I particularly enjoyed teaching it at Virgin Active Edinburgh. I also finished writing my first book and hope to get it published next year.

2006 also saw me take on a business coach, totally revamp my website and more recently I took on a Public Relations Coach.

2006 also saw me move business premises from Holmes Place to Aegis Training. A move I am very happy about.

Ultimately, I achieved many of the goals set out at the beginning of last year. Most importantly my health has continued to improve and I have helped many people to lose weight, eliminate pain and injuries and reverse disease and illness.

Have a great Christmas Day!