We see fear causing problems all around the world. We often fear something just because it is different to us and we don’t try to understand the differences. This is what causes greed, racism and wars! You could also call it politics.

But we have a choice in this. We can choose to be loving and be filled with gratitude, passion, joy and happiness, or be full of hate, resentment and frustration. It is a decision we can make in every stage of life.

Every emotion has a place, even negative ones. But if we can learn to be more loving, more of the time, the world will not only be a nicer place to live, but your health will improve too.

To be truly healthy and perform at your best, you have to be loving, grateful, joyful and happy by definition. This is part of what health is!!! However, I doubt whether many Doctors would include those words in a definition.

Many disease processes are caused by what Paul Chek calls ‘Stinking Thinking’. If you are always depressed and thinking bad thoughts, what do you think that does to your health? It has been shown how emotions affect the state of water crystals. Love can turn stagnant water into beautiful crystals and fear obliterate beautiful water crystals. As your body is made up of about 70-75% water, your emotions greatly effect your overall health.

Now every action has a positive intent. So if something or someone is doing something to ‘annoy’ you, think what is their reason for doing it? If you are not sure ask them. Understanding other peoples’ motives often diffuses any fearful situations and turns them into loving situations.

Stephen Covey states in his book, “The 7 Habits of Highly effective People”, as humans, we have the ability to respond to any situations Otherwise known as ‘response-ability’. It’s our interpretation of any situation, not the situation itself that is important.

So if you want to lose weighteliminate back pain or perform at your best, learn to become loving and stop being fearful.