This week I have been getting a little excited. One of my passions is to learn. I love to learn. I love to learn about the human body and how I can put it to use to help people to lose weightovercome injuries or improve their sports performance.

The rewards are great especially when I am able to help people overcome problems that many other professionals and a lot of money had not been successful.

The reason I have been getting excited is because I am off next week to The C.H.E.K Institute in California to take part in the CHEK Level IV Certification programme. I am under no illusions. This may well be the most intense learning experience I will ever have in my life. The 2 previous certifications I did with The C.H.E.K Institute were CHEK Level III and the Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Level III. They were both intense, especially CHEK Level III.

The certification courses seem to me to be a bombardment of great information flowing into my brain, some of it sticks straight away, some I have to go away and read again and others pieces I have to go away and practise before I really ‘own’ the information.

Not only will I enjoy the course, but I am staying right on the beach. So I can escape the English Winter and enjoy a little sunshine.

There’s a tennis court nearby too and I hope to have a little knock or two which will make a change from playing in the gusting winds we’ve had lately.

In addition to the great course, the weather and the beach, the CHEK courses are always an opportunity to meet and catch up with some amazing people. There is always such an amazing atmosphere amongst the students on a CHEK course.

And of course, the man himself, Paul Chek always amazes with his unbelievable breadth and depth of knowledge and skills, enthusiasm and sense of humour.

I hope to be able to check in with you whilst I am away and update you on how it is going and perhaps show you a few photos too.