What’s the Solution to a Healthy UK?

The only way the health of individuals will improve is if they take responsibility for their own health. This can only be done following proper and accurate education on health and not relying on industry funded research and media hype.

Individuals need to take responsibility for their health and this will sadly only take place when there are financial incentives to do so. For this reason, there should be a large levy on non-organic foods, non-wild fish and anything containing sugar or trans- fatty acids, pasteurised dairy and white flour. Farmers should be given financial support to help to grow organic crops and raise free-range organic meats. This financial support would be more than off-set by the reduction in medical costs. 

You can play your part now by voting with your wallets. Only buy healthy fresh, organic, natural foods. If there’s no demand for unhealthy foods and products, they will not be produced.

Accident and Emergency, congenital, pre and post-natal, paediatric and geriatric related medical care should continue to be tax-payer funded in a National ‘Medical’ Service (NMS). Chronic degenerative diseases should not be covered by tax-payers and should be privately funded. 

Private funding of ongoing health would promote responsibility within individuals and show the real price of health, whilst comparing the effectiveness of natural, holistic health (taught by healthy people) versus medical interventions. Most people believe organic food to be expensive in comparison to poorer quality, less nutritious food. However, if you had a choice of paying more to live healthily, making healthy practises part of your everyday life and doing less of the things that make you unhealthy or paying ten of thousands of pounds for surgery and medication, which would you choose? The choice is yours!

We’ve done many amazing things, put men on the moon, created the internet and discovered quantum physics, so I’ve no doubt we can reclaim our birth-right, our health. We can go from a National Health Scam to a Nation of Healthy Citizens! Are you going to call Trading Standards or shall I?