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How Do Aches, Pain & Injuries Occur? And What To Do About It

How Do Aches, Pain & Injuries Occur? Cumulative Trauma Disorder Most pain and injury whether it occurs in the workplace, the gym or on the sports field, is due to Cumulative Trauma Disorder. But what exactly is Cumulative Trauma Disorder? Well, as it turns out many cases are not caused by actual trauma to the […]

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Has a Toothache Caused Your Back Pain – Part 2?

Last time I explained how the body works on a priority system known as the Reflex Survival Totem Pole. I also stated that I would explain how a compensation at the Upper Cervical Spine (upper neck) could lead to lower back pain. The way in which the Upper Cervical Spine compensates to re-align the jaw […]

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Posture & Muscle Balance – Part 3

Posture and Alignment The gravitational pull that is exerted on the body acts through the body in a straight line towards the earth’s centre. In a standing position, neutral alignment occurs when body landmarks such as the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and ears are in line with the pull of gravity. The body also requires […]

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Posture & Muscle Balance – Part 2

Dynamic Posture Dynamic Posture may be defined as “the ability to maintain an optimal instantaneous axis of rotation in any combination of movement planes at any time in space“. As a simple analogy, you can think of your spine as an axis of rotation (like a crankshaft) and your arms as a means by which […]

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Posture & Muscle Balance

Posture has become a quite a buzz-word in recent years. However, the understanding, importance and methods of correcting posture are often misunderstood. My favourite definition of posture is, “The position from which the musculoskeletal system functions most efficiently.” There are two main categories of posture, static and dynamic. Static Posture Static Posture may be defined […]

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