As a CHEK Practitioner, I am often asked what I do. Well here is my answer…

C.H.E.K Practitioner’s have become the go-to practitioners. They help their clients to:

  • eliminate back pain
  • rehabilitate shoulder, neck and head pain
  • eliminate knee pain
  • improve posture
  • move more efficiently
  • improve sports performance
  • reduce the likelihood of injuries.
  • eliminate recurring injuries.
  • plus much more…

Holistic Approach:

C.H.E.K Practitioners understand that the human body is a system of many complex inter-related systems that all affect each other. They conduct the most thorough and detailed assessments on all the bodies’ systems before making any recommendations.

C.H.E.K Practitioners are highly skilled in human biomechanics, orthopaedic rehabilitation, and sports performance.

The holistic approach involves assessing each person on a physical, mental and emotional level and suggesting referrals to other professionals where necessary to ensure optimal results.

What’s Involved?

The C.H.E.K Approach includes:

  • Detailed pre-screening and assessments (2-6 hours)
  • Thorough assessment analysis and programme design (1-3 hours)
  • Programme advice and coaching. (1-2 hours)
  • Periodical re-evaluation


  • A Holistic Lifestyle Assessment is carried out which assesses your goals, willingness to change, medical history, hydration levels, dietary habits, sleep patterns, stress, toxicity, internal organ and endocrine health and emotional factors.


A Level IV C.H.E.K Practitioner is well equipped to assess you orthopaedically. A Level IV C.H.E.K Practitioner uses the most comprehensive assessment criteria in the world. The following list details the assessments you are likely to receive:

  • Analysis of posture, muscle length tensions, joint ranges of motion, abdominal function and sacroiliac joints.
  • A Primal Movement ® Patterns analysis, gait analysis, dynamic stability assessment.
  • Assessment of respiration. mastication (jaw & bite mechanics), vision, auditory & vestibular function, the upper cervical spine, visceral relationships, emotional status and the upper quarter (head, neck & shoulders).

Analysis and Programme Design:

The results of the assessments are analysed and an appropriate exercise and lifestyle programme is devised. Referrals to other health care professionals are also advised to ensure your success where required.

Programme Coaching:

You are ‘coached’ through an exercise and lifestyle programme. The exercise coaching is normally performed in one or two sessions.

The coaching sessions are recorded onto DVD so you have a visual record of how to perform the exercises and you’ll receive a 15-16 page programme manual to ensure you can’t forget what to do.

More exercise sessions can be arranged where required. The Holistic Lifestyle Coaching is normally carried out over several sessions to ensure lifestyle change, adherence to the changes and ultimately your success. Referrals to other appropriate health professionals will be advised at this stage.


Just like you would have your car serviced, it is recommended that you should be re-assessed on a periodical basis to continue to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellbeing.