As a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach I am often asked what that entails.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching includes improving health from the ground up using the Foundations of Health Principles. This enables optimisation and re-balancing of the all the body’s fundamental control systems.

The Benefits of Holistic Lifestyle Coaching are:

  • Achieving optimal weight and vitality
  • Avoiding disease and living a long and healthy life
  • Achieving optimal sports performance
  • Avoiding and recovering from injuries quickly 

What’s Involved?

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching includes:

  • Detailed pre-screening and assessments (1-2 hours)
  • Programme advice and coaching (30 min – 2 hour sessions)
  • Periodical re-evaluation


  • A Holistic Lifestyle Assessment is carried out which assesses your goals, willingness to change, medical history, hydration levels, dietary habits, stress, toxicity, internal organ, hormonal and emotional factors.


  • Assessment of your Metabolic Type® to find out which foods are right for you.
  • Possible testing of your endocrine system, digestive system, immune system and other potential aetiologies such as fungal or bacterial overgrowths, parasites infections and belief systems.


The results of the assessments are analysed and an appropriate exercise and lifestyle plan is devised. The use of other health care professionals and appropriate lab testing are also considered to ensure your success.

Programme Coaching:

You are then ‘coached’ through a nutrition and lifestyle programme. The Holistic Lifestyle Coaching is normally carried out over several sessions to ensure adherence and success. Referrals to other appropriate health professionals and appropriate lab testing will be advised at this stage.


Just like you would have your car serviced, it is recommended that you should be re-assessed on a periodical basis to continue to achieve and maintain optimal health.