As a Metabolic Typing® Advisor, I am often asked what that entails…

Metabolic Typing® is a process of finding out which foods are right for you and in what proportions to re-balance and optimise the body’s fundamental homeostatic control systems. This facilitates your body’s own innate ability to heal itself.

The Benefits of Metabolic Typing®:

  • Achieve and maintain your ideal weight
  • Eliminate sugar cravings
  • Enjoy sustained energy and endurance
  • Conquer indigestion, fatigue and allergies
  • Bolster your immune system
  • Overcome anxiety, depression and mood swings

How it Works:

For hereditary reasons, your metabolism is unique. Cutting-edge research shows that no single diet works well for everyone. Metabolic Typing® establishes which foods are right for YOU and in what proportions.

We know that the body is controlled by a few fundamental homeostatic control systems. Only when you eat the right foods in the right proportions can your cells produce optimal energy and remain within their ideal pH range.

What’s Involved?

You will be required to complete a detailed on-line questionnaire. The test is evaluated by a sophisticated computer program that generates a 25-page comprehensive report. The evaluation determines your correct proportions of macronutrients, your dominant system (oxidative or autonomic) and your endocrine type. It also includes advice on essential and optional supplementation.

You will also take a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) to establish your nutritional mineral levels, essential trace elements and levels of toxic heavy metals. Specific protocols may be suggested to optimise mineral levels and help the removal of toxic heavy metals.


Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you will receive one ‘Results’ session followed by a number of coaching sessions to help you make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to be successful.

Metabolic Typing® Consultations can be given face to face or by telephone.

Metabolic Typing® is not just a set of results, it is a fluid and constant process of learning to listen to your body and what it needs.

This process has four stages:

  1. Stage 1: Eat the right foods and stop the wrong foods based on their Diet Plan (and MRT results if applicable)
  2. Stage 2: Fine-tune the macronutrient ratios
  3. Stage 3: Add the recommended MT supplements
  4. Stage 4:
    1. Reduce Blocking Factors and Toxic Load (little by little)
    2. Integrate Enhancing Factors (little by little)


Your metabolic type® is determined by your genetic background and environment. Therefore, as your environment is always changing, it is recommended you re-assess after 3 months and then every 6 months.

Less coaching is required following re-evaluations.

Metabolic Type® and Metabolic Typing® are Registered Trademarks of Healthexcel, Inc.