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A Good FAR Infrared Protocol for Increased Energy and Fat Loss

In this blog, I will answer a question from ben, who asks, “what is a good FAR Infared Protocol”? Infrared (IR) saunas help to detoxify heavy metals and other toxic substances gently through the action of sweating caused by heat of the IR lamps. As fat cells are used as storage sites for toxins, detoxifying […]

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Stressed, Tired and Overweight – Part 4

In order de-stress, re-vitalise and reduce body , the main priority has to be to get your stress levels down. We all need some level of stress. For instance, we need gravity and exercise to develop our muscles. We need mental challenges to stop us from being bored. We need a level of nutritional stress […]

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Clearing Your Mind

After spending 3 weeks in sunny California, I have now been back in London almost 2 weeks. I am amazed at how life can get so busy. I have to admit my biggest weakness is not taking enough time out to quieten my mind. With many things going on at BodyCHEK with client appointments, presenting professional workshops, […]

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    Top UK CHEK Practitioner and Health Coach Leigh Reveals Insider Secrets The Orthopedic Surgeons Don’t Want You to Know.
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