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Spreading The CHEK Word In The USA – Part 2

After a long day travelling from San Diego, I arrived in New York. I had a few days to recover from my travels and crossing time zones before I was due to teach at The ECA World Fitness Convention. It was a bit of shock going from hot weather to temperatures below freezing in New […]

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Spreading The CHEK Word In The USA

Following on from my European trip, I said I would update you as to my travels in the USA. In early March, I flew to San Diego to teach a workshop to the CHEK Academy Year 2 students. I taught two 1-day workshops, ‘Equal, but Not The Same’ (which is all about training females) and […]

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Posture & Muscle Balance – Part 3

Posture and Alignment The gravitational pull that is exerted on the body acts through the body in a straight line towards the earth’s centre. In a standing position, neutral alignment occurs when body landmarks such as the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and ears are in line with the pull of gravity. The body also requires […]

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Posture & Muscle Balance

Posture has become a quite a buzz-word in recent years. However, the understanding, importance and methods of correcting posture are often misunderstood. My favourite definition of posture is, “The position from which the musculoskeletal system functions most efficiently.” There are two main categories of posture, static and dynamic. Static Posture Static Posture may be defined […]

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Stress Fractures

Over the years I have worked with a few clients that have stress fractures in one or more bones. Obviously, stress fractures cause pain, but they also greatly affect ones standard of living and often limits what physical activity they can do. The most common stress fractures I have seen are fractures to the spine […]

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    Top UK CHEK Practitioner and Health Coach Leigh Reveals Insider Secrets The Orthopedic Surgeons Don’t Want You to Know.
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