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Heavy Metal Detox

You might have read on my recent posts that I have recently carried out, firstly a 6-week parasite cleanse and a 7-day liver/gall bladder flush. Well, now I am currently in the process of a heavy metal detox. Unfortunately, today it is virtually impossible to avoid large quantities of heavy metals in our environment, Even […]

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Liver/Gall Bladder Flush – Part 2

The Liver/Gall Bladder Flush I completed the other week, included: Eating my usual metabolic type® diet and supplements Taking Malic Acid tablets 4 times a day Taking 90 drops of Phosphoric Acid in vegetable juice each day. I actually really love the taste!!! Doing a Castor Oil pack (over the liver) for one hour each […]

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Liver/Gall Bladder Flush

Over the last week, I completed a liver/gall bladder flush. It’s something everyone should do these days. It is recommended that people complete a liver/gall bladder cleanse three times per year. It’s a little like your oil filter in your car. You wouldn’t just leave that year after year without being cleaned out, would you? […]

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Parasite Cleanse Day 35

On Day 35 of the parasite cleanse I had noticed that over the last week, I had been getting rashes on my skin that last a few minutes, then disappear. My energy levels have stayed pretty good even though I have just had 5 very long days teaching CHEK Exercise Coach in London. Just one […]

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Parasite Cleanse Day 28

On Day 28 of my parasite cleanse, even though I had just completed a very long weekend teaching a workshop at The CHEK Europe Academy my fatigue had totally subsided and energy levels had increased further. I also begun Formula C, which I feel has the least disgusting taste. So, just two more weeks to […]

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