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Heavy Metal Detox

You might have read on my recent posts that I have recently carried out, firstly a 6-week parasite cleanse and a 7-day liver/gall bladder flush. Well, now I am currently in the process of a heavy metal detox. Unfortunately, today it is virtually impossible to avoid large quantities of heavy metals in our environment, Even […]

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Liver/Gall Bladder Flush – Part 2

The Liver/Gall Bladder Flush I completed the other week, included: Eating my usual metabolic type® diet and supplements Taking Malic Acid tablets 4 times a day Taking 90 drops of Phosphoric Acid in vegetable juice each day. I actually really love the taste!!! Doing a Castor Oil pack (over the liver) for one hour each […]

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Liver/Gall Bladder Flush

Over the last week, I completed a liver/gall bladder flush. It’s something everyone should do these days. It is recommended that people complete a liver/gall bladder cleanse three times per year. It’s a little like your oil filter in your car. You wouldn’t just leave that year after year without being cleaned out, would you? […]

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What is Metabolic Typing®?

As a Metabolic Typing® Advisor, I am often asked what that entails… Metabolic Typing® is a process of finding out which foods are right for you and in what proportions to re-balance and optimise the body’s fundamental homeostatic control systems. This facilitates your body’s own innate ability to heal itself. The Benefits of Metabolic Typing®: […]

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Heart Surgeon Speaks Out on What Really Causes Heart Disease

I recently read an article on The Sign of The Times website entitled, “Heart Surgeon Speak Out on What Really Causes Heart Disease”. As it is my mission to bring the truth about health and performance to the general public, I just had to share this information with you. The surgeon explains how the very […]

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    Top UK CHEK Practitioner and Health Coach Leigh Reveals Insider Secrets The Orthopedic Surgeons Don’t Want You to Know.
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